Building in textiles

17 October, 2018

Building with textiles requires lots of know-how, engineering skills, in-depth textile knowledge and tons of experience. Sioen can offer all of that, due to our 360° textile tradition since 1907. As a textile solution provider, we have all the steps of the production value chain in house: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, including the production of the fine chemicals that seal the membranes. All this knowledge combined, assures you of the best quality membrane for all your tensile structures. Ranging from the smallest carport solar protection unit, up to gigantic and technically demanding structures.

You can chose from our large standard range, including light eco efficient solutions, long lasting and low soiling permanent structures, solutions for rough climates and large and long lasting structures such as stadia, façade mesh (scrims), strecheable flexout material for fancy tents and solar covers and our exclusive Fluoscrim.
Our membranes can be used for car parks, sun shading, stadia and façade mesh, inflatable structures and any imaginable tensioned structure. We have established a reputation as high quality service oriented supplier to the tensile architecture industry.

Although focus will be on the tensile architecture range, you can also contact us on the fair for our other products such as geotextiles, filter fabrics, scrims for roofs and many more.