Chaps on!

10 February, 2020

A new Standard, a new Design B. But as always you can rely on SIP Protection to comply.

In fact, we believe that we are the first ones to have EN ISO 11393-2 Design B certified Chainsaw Protective Chaps available from stock. As from today.

What’s happening ?

Things are changing in Chainsaw Protection World... The new Standard EN ISO 11393 is about to replace the current and very well-known EN 381.

One of the major changes is the disappearance of Design B as a surface of protection (better known as Design A +5cm on the inside of the left leg).

Instead comes a new Design B, a new style now finally allowed by the European Chainsaw Standards, the Chaps-style.

We believe this may become a game-changer for the occasional chainsaw use, and we hope it will convince more users to protect themselves.

5 reasons to opt for the new SIP Protection BasePro chaps.

  1. Because they comply with the new European Standard for chainsaw protection: EN ISO 11393, design B (especially for chaps).
    Until now, Chainsaw Chaps were not allowed in Europe by EN 381. The new Standard EN ISO 11393 that will replace EN 381 has now approved this style as a completely new design B.

  2. Because they are so much easier to put on / take off than the classic leggings we had for many years.
    In a few simple clicks of the buckles, you easily slip in and out of our 1RC1 chaps, wearing them over your regular trousers.

  3. Because they offer you extra comfort during hot and sweaty days, thanks to the open backside.

  4. Because our 1RC1 chaps provide vital protection for your legs. They are an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone operating a chainsaw.
    They're full of technical fabrics and fibers that fly out and block the chainsaw mechanism when the chainsaw hits the leg.

  5. Because it’s a SIP Protection product, of course...
    These 1RC1 Roadrunner chaps are part of our successful BasePro range that can be defined with 3 key words: lightweight, comfortable and come at an attractive price.

The chaps are available from stock and come in 2 sizes.

How our 1RC1 chaps work

You wear the 1RC1 chaps over your regular pants (or shorts if preferred). The waist and leg straps are adjusted for a tight fit in order to keep the chaps correctly positioned on the legs. The chaps should also be long enough to reach at least 5 cm below the boots top.

When the chainsaw hits the protective liner of the chaps, the carefully engineered layers of technical textiles protect you. The yarns and fibers of these fabrics are drawn into the chainsaw mechanism, braking and jamming the drive sprocket and halting the chain.

Chainsaw Protective Chaps are a great solution for occasional chainsaw work. We do recommend professional and all-day users to wear Chainsaw Protective Trousers / Pants / Bib ‘n Braces / …