Chemical safety: the last line of defence

2 September, 2020

Every job has his own risks and some risks can cause serious injuries. When measures like physical changes to the workplace are not enough to reduce risks to an acceptable level, then the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary to act as a last line of defence for peoples safety. When there is a chance you can be exposed to chemicals during your work activities, you need reliable and durable protection in the form of chemical protective clothing. That is exactly what Sioen can provide.

Protection combines standards with design

Sioen has a range of chemical protective clothing complying with the international standard EN 14605: protective clothing against liquid chemicals with liquid tight (type 3) or spray tight (type 4) connections between different parts of the clothing. Depending on your activities you can choose between full-body protective clothing or partial body protection garments offering protection to specific parts of the body.

When designing a chemical protective clothing range special attention needs to be paid to the construction of seams so no liquids can penetrate. Welded seams provide improved penetration resistance as there are no stitch holes for the chemicals to penetrate. The design of the clothing also needs to guarantee that there are no features which may collect liquid chemicals and hold them onto the fabric surface like for example unprotected pockets.

From farms to the chemical industry: Sioen protects everyone

Sioen combined the attention to design and the compliance to the EN 14605 standard with rain protection for the ultimate level of protection. The Essen coverall for example is perfectly suited for intensive use in industrial environments thanks to the double-sided PVC-coated polyester Chemtex fabric which has a high tear resistance. The Zurich coverall on the other hand is made of a more flexible and soft fabric, called Chemflex, so you can deal comfortably with chemicals. If you need more basic chemical protection in normal working conditions then you are good with our Banteer jacket and Drangan bib & brace made out of our extremely durable Flexothane® Classic fabric.

When choosing the correct chemical protective clothing, you need to take into account factors like construction, style, effectiveness of the clothing as a barrier to chemicals, tasks, working circumstances, body zone that needs protection, exposure type of chemicals, etc. Have a look at our website and choose the correct chemical protective clothing for you.