Comfortable and protective clothing for women

9 March, 2020

Although the workforce is predominantly male in fields like construction, energy, the (petro)chemical and the steel industry, you will find more and more women at work in these industries. But unfortunately, for a long time the women’s choice of garments was limited to men’s workwear and that is just not quite the same.As women have a different body shape, men’s clothing is just not that comfortable for women.

Designed for women

That’s not rocket science I hear you say. Well, you’re right, it isn’t. The reasons why it hasn’t been done way sooner are multiple. For starters, women have only had access to some traditional male occupations for the past decades. When they did, no one really bothered when a jacket or pair of trousers was ill fitted – usually women tended to look like walking tents or like bags at best.

Madame Sioen, our founder who suddenly deceased in the beginning of this year, did care. She steered our company as a true “mater familias”, empowering women for years until she retired in 2014. She pushed our teams to create professional protective clothing for women ever since the very beginning.

At Sioen, we insist on bringing garments for women on the market. Regardless of the costs. Our range is extensive and smart, allowing women to combine the best fit with the best protection.

Multinmorm: Kasie and Lesha

Sioen therefore decided to focus on the needs of women in the industry: protective workwear that is fitted to their shape. The perfect examples of such protective clothing are the Kasie and the Lesha. Those types of jackets and trousers protect women in a comfortable way against the risks of an electrical flashover. The primary concern for people that have been exposed to an electrical arc flash is very serious skin burns due to the high heat that is set free during such an arc flash. The Kasie and the Lesha are the perfect protective clothing for those power women who stand their ground in a hazardous working environment.

Reliable workwear: Oroya and Casma

If the protective clothing doesn’t need to comply with the EN ISO 20471 standard, then the Oroya and Casma offer the perfect fit for women. That jacket and pair of trousers is the latest addition to our expanding ladies' range. The clothing offers a high degree of protection but equally important is that the clothing fits a woman’s shape. Fitted workwear doesn’t mean a smaller men’s size, it means taking into account those female curves, for example. When protective clothing does not fit properly or gets in the way with work, then it will either not be worn correctly or not be worn at all. Moreover, when you feel good in your clothing you can perform even better.

Where form follows function: Talia and Jerica

If you need to go out on rainy days, you do not want to get wet. So, a rain-proof jacket should do the trick, right? Yes, provided that the jacket fits. If it’s too big you get gaps and you get wet. The Talia is a high visibility rain jacket designed by women for women. While designing, not only the female shape has been taken into account but a lot of attention was also paid to delicate areas like pockets and seams, so no water penetration is possible. Thanks to our Interchangeable Lining System (I.L.S.) you can easily zip in the Jerica softshell for those colder days.

Sioen is working hard on designing safe, stylish and practical protective clothing for women. Later this year, we will expand our range of women’s protective clothing, so make sure you keep track of us!