Detector in the spotlight

8 August, 2022

It’s time to put our ‘Detector’ in the spotlight, as cargo security is an increasing issue that we aim to tackle. We have developed a protective solution that prevents trailer intrusion. Sioen has been committed to protecting trailers against cargo theft for over 15 years and this innovative solution is one of our milestones.

What is Detector?

Detector is a multi-layered steel-reinforced textile. The out-of-the-box idea here is that the system includes an electrical connection and configuration between the Detector textile and any telematics solution. The double-side tarpaulin protects the electrical circuit. Thanks to this double protection, you can be 100% sure that no one will intrude your trailer unnoticed while being parked.

How does Detector work?

When someone tries to intrude the tarpaulin, the electrical circuit is interrupted and causes a pulse to the truck’s telematic system. The driver receives an alarm, together with the transport company and/or alarm central.

How is it installed?

Detector is attached to the tarpaulin of the curtain sider, inside a box trailer or container. A 360° protection is possible and assures the best possible security.

How about the cost of ownership?

When it comes to the cost of ownership, it is very interesting to know that the Detector textile can be repaired in case intrusion attempts cause damage.

Detector’s specifications

Total weight 1000 g/m2
Layer 1 PVC-coated woven PET fabric 450 g/m2
Layer 2 Two twisted galvanised steel wires knitted to the fabrics every 4 cm 20 g/m2
Layer 3 PVC-coated woven PET fabric 450 g/m2


Michiel Kindt