Why it’s wise to dress in layers

13 September, 2019

Always dress to the occasion. A simple renown tip, but not always easy to apply when it comes to your garments you wear at work. Many professional protective clothing that’s on the market do not allow easy fit and interchangeable lining systems to adapt your garments to the seasons and the changing weather conditions.

Sioen Professional Protective clothing does

Our Sioen-PPC brand offers a smart ILS system (Interchangeable Lining System), where one outer layer can serve you at work all year round, winter-summer, in any weather condition. You just zip the thermal layers in and out of the jacket as you please. Many of these liners can be worn separately too. Having you prepared at all times!

Our ILS system is smart for 4 reasons:

  1. Layering this way is very practical; it allows you to be ready for all temperatures and weather conditions without having to change your entire outfit.
  2. Don’t forget the cost factor, which is very important, especially when we talk about specialty protective clothing for hazardous workplaces. The smart Sioen ILS system allows you to buy just 1 outer layer, apt for all seasons. By zipping the liners (can be a fleece, bodywarmer, softshell, …) in and out or by wearing them separately, you’re dressed for all seasons, keeping a perfect fit at all times.
  3. You simply can’t miss with our ILS system. You can’t put a regular polyester fleece under a highly protective anti-static arc jacket for instance, endangering yourself and the people working around you. The inherent zippers and combinations of liners and jackets offered in our ILS range simply prevent that.
  4. All our garments, including the ones of our ILS concept are made to last longer. This durability is better for you, your wallet and for the environment.

Besides all the above, dressing in layers is always smart.

Why dressing in layers is smart

Dressing in layers gives many advantages:

Layer like a pro

In our new catalogue, you’ll distinguish 4 layers, each with their proper function:

Keep these simple, yet vital recommendations in mind: