Exciting textile solutions for freight transport

12 September, 2018

Trailer side curtains are an important publicity medium. Seen by thousands and always on the move, this is an ideal way to promote the brand, its products and its philosophy. Silver has always been a popular colour. On our booth B23 in hall 27, we’ve equipped a mini trailer with the new “bronze” colour”, just to showcase how big an impact the choice of colour has on a side curtain.
In addition, Sioen is displaying safety and security solutions, integrated in textiles. Sioen has engineered solutions for both trailer roof and curtain. The Carapax roof solution is a composite with multiaxial reinforcement, which enhances the stability of the trailer. The Sioen solutions for side curtains are composites with many degrees of protection, ranging from regular anti-vandalism protection to tailored intrusion detection and track and trace. These safety and security solutions are branded under “Dynatex”.
The freight and passenger transport is a key segment for the Sioen group. With semi-finished products such as technical textiles for truck side curtains, tarpaulins for lorries and trailers, reinforced stabilizing roofs for trailers, safety and security solutions and separation walls, we are the world’s leading technical textile supplier to the transport industry.
Sioen is an internationally renowned and vertically integrated producer of technical textiles, entirely mastering the production of the yarns, woven fabrics, chemicals and coating processes inhouse.