Firemen always protected with Sioen

18 September, 2018

Sioen has been exhibiting in the fair since the very beginning. The world of the firefighters is ours and we want to be as close to them as possibly can in order to be fully emerged in their daily concerns and challenges. Sioen, are lifesaving firefighters clothing designed and manufactured according to the very stringent needs of firemen every single day. Thanks to our presence in the field, we can analyse problems, find solutions and offer an answer to all the safety problems firemen encounter.

This summer, appropriate firefighting has proven to be indispensable. Forest fires in Portugal, fire at the national museum in Brazil, drought fires in California, rescue of children in caves in Thailand. All over the globe, firefighters have been in the news, saving and protecting people. They need the best protection they can get.

The Sioen booth is filled with state-of-the art quality fire fighters suits and intervention combinations. Our strength is that we have a 360° experience in textiles, manufacturing of garments and in the fire fighters world in particular. Accumulated, this gives our customers always a competitive edge and the best feeling of safety and protection.

In addition to our own engineering and production of the garments, we also offer maintenance and repair. We have a French team of experts operating in the French market, always close to the end-user. This makes tailored development a success.

The lives of those who are saving lives has always been a priority in the group Sioen. Our slogan is “protection through innovation” and we always want to live up to that. We are a textile solution provider, offering the best protection in any working condition.

The national fair “Congrès Pompiers” is co-organized by the National Federation of firefighters of France (FNSPF), the departmental union of firefighters (UDSP) and the departmental fire and rescue service (SDIS) of Ain (01),

Visit the Sioen stand hall Monts Jura in Bourg-en-Bresse from September 26 to 29, 2018.