Freight and passenger transport: a key segment for the Sioen group

7 March, 2017

We are an internationally renowned vertically integrated producer of technical textiles, mastering the production of the yarns, woven fabrics, chemicals and the coating processes entirely in house.

The freight and passenger transport is a key segment for the Sioen group. With semi-finished products such as technical textiles for truck side curtains, tarpaulins for lorries and trailers, reinforced stabilising roofs for trailers, safety and security solutions and separation walls, we are a world leading supplier to the truck transportation industry.

In addition, we supply the automotive industry and the industry of public passenger transportation with semi-finished technical textiles, felt, films and sheets for airbags, dashboards, sun visors, door panels, seats, trunk covers, rolling curtains, trunk liners, steering wheels, hinges, insulation material and many more.

At the Sifer fair in Lille, we will focus on another activity of the group: the tailor made cutting, slitting and welding for the transportation industry.

One of our specialties is train covers, which we also will be showcasing on the Sifer fair in Lille this month.

Visit us in Lille on Sifer fair, Lille Grand Palais booth 1-222 from March 21rd to the 23th.