Good feeling @ Sioen

8 June, 2018

The company is showing good growth year after year and in the meantime has become a global player. This brings stability and security for all employees and at the same time provides them with career opportunities, even internationally. In addition to attractive wages, these are all things that attract employees and keep them motivated.

And there is more. At its premises in Ardooie, Poperinge, Bornem, Mouscron, Haaltert and Liege, Sioen has its focus on "health" this year. Various initiatives, initiated by the company itself as well as by its many employees, guarantee a healthy response at all levels. A selection of the topics: the water we drink every day; small afternoon walks with colleagues; participating in sporting events in leisure time; ergonomic chairs; the construction of green areas; redesign of the offices to organize fitness projects such as “Fitbees”, a personalized measurement and coaching program, and recently also company bikes.

Health comes first

Think about this: What do you wish for your loved ones at New Year every year? Indeed, good health. That is what we at Sioen wish for our employees and not just with new year, but every day. What's more, we want to help our employees achieving and maintaining health. And do so right away.

Now that the "Fitbees" project has been a success, we start a new initiative at Sioen to promote the health of our employees. We start with offering company bikes. For this we concluded an agreement with B2Bike, a Belgian company that will help us to realize this healthy bike story.

How does it work?

Those employees, who want to come to work by bike for at least 1 fifth of their working days, can now do this in a very advantageous way. They can lease a bicycle for a duration of 36 months. It includes not only a bike, but also breakdown assistance, an omnium insurance and if they wish even some accessories. The price the employee pays for the lease contract depends on the gross salary because it is in the form of a wage exchange. A city bike, a racing bike or an electric bike, it's all possible.

A bicycle of roughly 3,000 Euros, will cost the employee only slightly more than half in the end.

Sioen employs a little less than 1,000 employees in Belgium, in both Flanders and Wallonia. For this reason we chose for an external company to help us realizing this cycle project. B2Bike will assist us from the start to the end in realizing our ambitious bicycle plan. Their expertise (analysis, organization, delivery, management, ...), their large network of bicycle shops and especially their enormous choice of models and brands were decisive for choosing B2bike. Each employee can order a bike of her or his choice from any dealer of the B2bike network.

We all know that exercise is healthy for body and mind, but the special thing about cycling is that you exercise in the open air. Moreover, cycling is ‘green’. Good for the environment, but also good for the wallet of the employees. After all, they use their car at least 20% less and they use their own energy at no costs, contributing to their health on the way!

Just feel good

It has been proven that people who cycle regularly have less problems with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes 2, cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrhythmias and some forms of cancer. Cycling also improves resistance against diseases, so you are better equipped to fight bacteria and viruses.

It may even make you a little smarter. Studies that investigated the relationship between exercise and brain activity showed that 5% more heart contraction resulted in a 15% increase in brain activity. Cycling in other words helps your brain improve.

By cycling your digestive system will work faster and more efficiently, which in turn ensures better digestion of your food. It is easier to control your weight if you cycle regularly. Exercising in the open air is also shown to have a very positive effect on your skin because it stimulates the production collagen which helps reduce your wrinkles. In summary, you just look better and younger!

Two small bonuses: by regularly cycling you will also sleep better and during your bike ride you also produce less stress hormones.

All in all, this bike project will simply contribute to the well-being of the employees of Sioen. To feel good, that is what we all want!