Innovative protection: a proven track record

19 March, 2019

Providing durability and safety while you work, is our obsession. Our garments always make you look smart and professional and protect you, even in the most difficult working conditions. And when we say “you”, we mean every worker on the planet, regardless of your gender. The Kasie and the Lesha are two new garments, examples of professional protective clothing that we especially design for women.

Protection, a heritage

It can never be repeated enough: we only have one life; our health is our most precious gift. We take it as our most important role to protect you and have translated this in our corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”, a slogan that we have been emulating since the very foundation of our company.

Because of this rich heritage, we’ve been closely involved in the evolution of protective garments and the fabrics they are made of. Indeed, the world of professional protective clothing and workwear has been changing rapidly and we’ve been involved since the very beginning. In the roaring sixties of the previous century, when man-made fibres and yarns entered the fabrics scene and when fabrics were industrially coated for the first time to add features such as waterproofness, we were there. Literally. Not only as a garment manufacturer, but also as a producer of technical textiles. Although we are now a world market leading stock quoted company, at the very beginning of Sioen in the early 1960’s, Mr Sioen personally produced innovative fabrics, with which Mme Sioen manufactured professional protective clothing. This synergy has been an integral part of the company ever since and has resulted in innovative, sustainable growth, making us a world player in the production of textile solutions and professional protective clothing.

We’ve always been benefitting from the knowledge and engineering of both, which resulted in engineered garments, with which you are protected in any working condition. With our 360° perspective, you can be sure of the best protection.

Our 25 production plants that include spinning mill, extrusion plant, weaving mills, coating plants, garment manufacturing plants and distribution centres are all state-of-the art. We can boast the best machines and the best people operating them. We protect you, in every sense of the word.

Certified and innovative: unequalled additional assets

We witnessed the births of both local and European norms and regulations regarding professional protective clothing. Local regulations in the late seventies and early eighties regarding for instance waterproofness, high visibility and later also flame-retardancy in Belgium, the UK and Germany amongst others, were the predecessors of the first EU regulation regarding PPE in 1989. The huge fund of knowledge that we’ve gathered throughout the years is at your service. Many of the Sioen people implementing the first regulation in 1989 are still on board, sharing their knowledge with the more than 300 research and development specialists of the group.

They are responsible for a continuous stream of new manufacturing processes and digitalisation, new materials and new products. Whenever customers turn to us with specific wishes and quality requirements for professional protective clothing, we set the wheels in motion. Multidisciplinary teams start by examining the request. They then select the best off-the-shelf garments that protect against a wide variety of risks, such as extreme cold, fire, acids, poor visibility and bullets. In more than half of the cases, we even start from scratch and deliver a completely new, tailor made product, tailored to your wishes.

In our sioen apparel range we have 8 brands, each with their own specialty (a.o. multinorm protection, workwear, fire fighters clothing, ballistics protection, floatation and dry suits, lifejackets, chainsaw protection) thus, covering all risks in any working condition.

The Kasie and the Lesha

These two new women’s professional protective garments of our extensive multinorm range are the result of all the above. The Kasie jacket and the Lesha trousers are special arc protection garments designed for women. Their male counterparts are the Mildura and the Dexter.

On the technical side, these garments of our ARC range protect against flashovers and the thermal hazards of electric arc. Banal actions by humans, dust flying around, … can cause friction, which may cause an explosion, harming the person. In other situations, harm might be caused to the sensitive electrical components with which workers are dealing. As a worker, you are directly exposed to the dangerous consequences of the uncontrolled electrostatic discharge.

On the design side, they are especially designed just for women. The boundary between female and male occupations is becoming blurred, including in sectors that have been for long dominated by men such as in technology and maintenance. Even if in a minority, women who must wear men's clothing, it’s not ideal at all. That’s why we’re designing garments to the physiognomy of women.

Many references

Many private companies trust our way of working, but also governments increasingly take advantage of that added value to lift their service level and protect their employees. Some of our public customers include Belgian postal agency bpost (high-vis raincoats), the French marine corps (lifejackets), the Dutch secret service (ballistic apparel) and fire departments across Dubai and Oman (intervention clothing). With 8 specialist brands, Sioen caters to everyone’s needs.