Introducing the new MAS III

26 October, 2021

The MAS III suit is now available. It is the improved version of our MAS II suit, increasing the safety of everyone relying on Mullion in those circumstances when it is needed the most.

The MAS III is a neoprene drysuit that provides a minimum of 6 hours of thermal protection against cold water shock and hypothermia upon immersion.

In contrast to the MAS II, the MAS III is fitted with five finger neoprene gloves that are attached to the suit with an elastic band. The conical extra long neoprene cuffs are offering a tight fit at the wrist, allowing the crew to have more freedom of movement during rescue actions.

Without the gloves, you can more easily manipulate a PLB, MOB, VHF, flares, etc. When needed, you can put on the neoprene gloves for extra warmth.

Secondly, we have improved the fitting of the ankle strap in black webbing with a touch and close fastening.

All in all, the MAS III is the perfect suit to wear during rescue missions thanks to

For more information about the MAS III, please consult the datasheet.

The Mullion team strives to constantly improve the safety of its customers at sea and keeps on innovating.

Happy sailing!