It’s summer: time to set sail

26 August, 2020

Summer, the perfect time to enjoy a boat trip. It’s time to take your boat cover off and set sail. It’s funny how in this one sentence, you’ll already find 2 products made with Sioen technical textiles: boat covers and sails. We produce the fabrics and supply manufacturers with rolls that they turn into the covers and sails that fit your boat. And there’s more!


Whether you are going on holiday or you opt for a staycation, sailing and yachting are always a perfect ways to escape reality. Seas, rivers and lakes have captured our imagination throughout history. From Odysseus to contemporary adventurers, the magic of the seas and winds have stolen our hearts.

There is still plenty of sun left to set sail to your favourite spot. Don’t forget that sailing/yachting can be done in more areas than just the oceans and seas. Just being on the water is a sheer pleasure. Others prefer extra action such as fishing, snorkelling and diving. If you’re not that much of a sportsperson, you can always attend a sailing race such as “the Ocean Race”.

Always Sioen on board

The fact is that, anywhere you look, you’ll see the hand of Sioen.

Whether you are on a sail- or on a motorboat, there’s always a Sioen fabric at hand. Did you know that awnings, sunshades, water-resistant sun mattress covers, and furniture covers are made with Sioen technical textiles.

If you have the pleasure of residing on a superyacht (or find the pleasure in seeing one), you’ll most certainly go down from the steep slide straight into the ocean. You might even jump on the floating water trampoline, made with.... indeed, Sioen technical textiles.

And to top it all, you might even be dressed in Sioen garments that keep you dry, safe and afloat. Our brands Ursuit and Mullion are reknown clothing brands.

Sail Away with one of our Sioen brands. Dimension Polyant is the leading sailcloth manufacturer with plants in Germany and the USA. No matter whether you are looking for sailcloth for racing sailboats, daysailers or racer-cruisers, Dimension Polyant can provide you with the perfect high-quality wovens and laminates for your adventurous plans.

Does this make you want to start sailing? Quickly find a sailing school and jump in your boat. If you hurry op, you might get ready for the 2021 Olympic Games in Japan.