Journées thématiques 2015: a retrospective

22 May, 2015

For the twelth edition of the Theme days almost 150 people gathered in Belgium for a technical exchange. Together with SOLDATS DU FEU we had set the bar high. Very high. This year we evaluated the physiological limits of the fireman and the limits of his P.P.E.

We immediately set the tone for our Theme Days: «The employer is always responsible, he not only has to provide his employees with the proper P.P.E., he also has to make sure they know how to use them and he is repsonsible for the maintenace of the P.P.E.» In the context of health and safety at work it is also important that firemen can enjoy their retirement. « One says that it takes twenty years to train a firemen, but only two minutes to lose him.»

Under the guidance of chronobiologist Benoît Mauvieux several tests were performed in cooperation with our guests. After they had taken a pill that showed their body temperature in real time, the firemen have donned their top range P.P.E. to enter a real fire training combustion container.

From the moment they arrived in the van to the extinction of the seat of the fire, from the hydraulic setting up to the rescue of a training dummy, temperatures evolved depending on the individual and its role.

Then followed a conference on this specific subject matter of chronobiology. This science will not predict the type of accident but rather when it will happen! At what time of day is one the most vulnerable? Or the most efficient?

The evolution of the EN 469 standard that fixes the minimal requirements for fire suits has been reviewed thoroughly. The highlight remains off course the exchange of a rare quality between firemen and the 12 manufacturers (scientists, users and designers of fire equipment).

For more photos of the event, visit the Journées thématiques 2015 set on Flickr.

Let’s meet up again next year from March 29 to 30, 2016.