Welders coveralls in the spotlight

12 November, 2018

The “Berkeind” coverall of the VanOchten "welding-line" is approved according to EN ISO 11611 (formerly EN 470/1) - EN ISO 11612 (formerly EN 531) - EN ISO 14.116 (formerly EN 533) and is suitable for welders and similar risk groups. The coverall has concealed press button fastening, two straight front pockets, two chest pockets with flap, two lockable pocket flaps, back pocket with flap, ruler pocket, adjustable sleeve closure and adjustable elastic in the back. The pockets can be closed by means of concealed buttons.

Berkeind is available in red and in blue and available in different lengths and in extra-large sizes.

Berkeind is made in 100% flame retardant cotton that is flame-resistant and will not melt. Moreover, the clothing is hypoallergenic (against skin irritation!), breathable, feels comfortable and is pleasant to wear when it is warm.

Welders are professionals. Specialists who need specialized clothing. VanOchten, part of the Sioen group knows this like no other. Our message is: “from specialists, for specialists”. “Protection through innovation” is our company slogan. We’ve analyzed the many risks that welders are exposed to (think of IR radiation, UV light, splashes, sparks, flames, heat and even electrocution). On that basis we’ve developed the best protective clothing.

Our clothing was and is being tested by thousands of people in their daily activities. Our in-house laboratories are very modern and can stand comparison with the best laboratories in the world. Our own production units are state-of-the-art. All this combined offers you the best guarantee for the very best clothing. The Sioen group delivers millions of garments for professional protection per year to customers all over the world.

Do you want other protective clothing in addition to company clothing? This is possible. At the Sioen group we make protective clothing in different layers. From underwear to T-shirts (with us you will find this under the body wear), workwear, thermal protection and protection against rain. We take care of your protection in any season.