Launch day: new catalogue

"A small step for (a) man", "We have a lift-off" or "The eagle has landed": the three immortal quotes from the conversations between the crew of the Apollo 11 mission and the NASA base in Houston come to our minds when presenting you our new catalogue. Not that our catalogue can stand any comparison with the achievement of landing on the moon, but each time we launch a new catalogue, it sure feels like that for us.

We are excited to share with you our long-awaited new PPC catalogue. After months and months of brainstorming, developing, discussing, creating, adapting, writing, producing, photographing, editing,… Sioen is very proud to present its brand new catalogue for Professional Protective Clothing.

What’s new?

Apart from the obvious, a new catalogue with a young and dynamic look and feel, there’s plenty of more to discover:

  • A lot of new products of course. Underwear, T-shirts, polo shirts, softshells, rain jackets, coveralls, …The catalogue contains more than 60 new products! View all new products. Add to that the 295 products of our existing range and you have more than 355 professional protective garments readily available from stock!
  • Product video’s: who better to involve in giving the best advice and explaining the features of the garments than our own sales managers? We’ve been filming them in action in our showroom, and you can find their expert explanation on our YouTube channel.
  • High availability. A lot of style/colour combinations have been assigned a “High Availability” status by a special logo. This logo indicates that this style in that particular colour is given high priority in both stock and production. Great reassurance for our customers. No less than 100 products have this exceptional status.
  • Arc configurator. When combining different layers of garments, the level of protection increases. A higher level of Arc protection can be obtained by wearing different Arc garments together. Given our wide range of products offering Arc protection a lot of garment combinations are possible. Those combinations have been put together in a comprehensive and clear configurator where you can see which garment combination gives which level of protection.

Ask for your personal copy of this brand new catalogue via your local Sioen distributor or find it all directly on our website or download the catalogue directly.

The road towards it

432 pages of pure PasSioen.

An entire team of product developers, textile engineers, designers, R&D specialists, manufacturing and logistics experts, copywriters, sales managers, art directors, fashion models, photographers, IT-experts, web developers, marketeers and many more passionate Sioen-employees put their heart and soul into creating a new catalogue with new styles. Making a catalogue of this size is a true team effort and it is something we are very proud of. Especially since the Sioen PPC catalogue is thé reference in the business. We always do our best to bring new styles and ideas and simply to be better than the previous edition.

Behind the scenes in the process of making this catalogue, a lot has been going on. We’ll let you in to some secrets of how we got to the butter and bread of this new showpiece:

  • For this brochure, we selected 650 packshot pictures from a total of 2400 pictures available in our database.
  • We’ve organised the biggest ever photoshoot at Sioen: 60 looks, worn by 4 mannequins, dressed by 2 dressers, photographed by 1 photographer in studio, filmed by 2 cameramen and commented by 4 salesmen.
  • It took us about 16 working days to edit 63 new product videos and subtitles them in 4 languages. Not everything went according to plan. Watch this hilarious compilation of bloopers.
  • In the making of process, we’ve tried to automate things as much as possible. Simply put: our geniuses let databases talk with one another. Pictures, product info, texts “popped up” in the great layout designers put together. When the rubber met the road this resulted in a solid catalogue.
  • We’ve translated the catalogue in no less than 5 languages: English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
  • The project started in 2018, had its first form in November 2018 and was finalised in June 2019. We’ve had a dozen discussions and fallouts about everything and nothing in order to come to a result everybody is proud of.
  • Although the deliverable of a catalogue is a print, we’ve also put lots of effort in making this available online. You can download a pdf with bookmarks, watch the browse version and find the product in our online product finder.

That’s our business

This brochure is one of many. Indeed, protecting people in their working condition is our daily business. In any working condition that is. This catalogue is for the Sioen brand Sioen-PPC, that only covers a part of the working conditions, including foul weather, situations where being seen is of life importance, working conditions where arc, flame and even chemical protection is required, the food industry and in cool houses and freezers.

But there’s more to Sioen than that! We offer the most complete range of professional protective garments in the business, ranging from garments for industry professionals over fire fighters clothing, maritime safety suits, lifejackets, drysuits, chainsaw protection to ballistic overt, coverts and tactical suits. Garments for any working condition.