Marathon Photoshoot

21 June, 2018

For its PPC range (Professional Protective Clothing), Sioen is in full preparation of the launching of new products that will be displayed in a new catalogue and website in October. The Sioen PPC range offers garments for any type of working condition. We believe that protection is your prerogative. Feeling safe, protected and comfortable contributes to your wellbeing and that is our only concern.

The Sioen PPC range consists of:
All Weather: extensive weatherproof range covers every season and every kind of weather. From waterproof jackets and warm fleeces to breathable T-shirts with UV-protection and comfortable underwear. You’ll find everything you need to adapt your wardrobe to the weather conditions all year long.
High Vis: wide array of products from T-shirts, fleeces and softshells to rain jackets so as to make sure you can dress in hi-vis from inside out. In this way, you can confidently adapt your clothes to the weather conditions because you’ll be wearing hi-vis in every layer of your outfit.
Multi Norm: In environments that are subject to multiple risks, you need high-level clothes that protect against all those threats. Whatever the cause, our multi-norm clothes significantly reduce the chances of serious injuries in case of an accident. Sioen can offer you that quality in every layer of your protection.
Cold storage & Food: Protection that will keep you warm all day long in freezing conditions and clothes that don’t compromise the hygienic production procedures in the food industry.

Our team of experts engineers protective garments that comply to your wishes and to norms and regulations en vigor in your industry. Our 360° view on textiles and decades of expertise is your guarantee for safe working.

These are the results of this week’s marathon photoshoot: more than 200 items in 65+ profiles by 4 mannequins, dressed by 2 assistants, filmed by 2 pros, photographed by 1 photographer, commented by 5 sales managers, directed by 1 product manager resulting in more than 78 gigabite of film, more than 3.000 studio shots and 460 action shots.

Here's a glimpse of what happened.

Impressive, isn’t it?