Life jackets for the French marine

5 April, 2019

Through our Mullion® brand - market leader in life jackets and survival suits at sea - the Sioen group has won several important lifejacket projects at national level from the French Navy through an award procedure.

The 5-year contract is estimated to provide an annual total requirement of 10,000 life jackets.
The contract also includes spare parts for maintenance during use. For the first time for Sioen, trading of spare parts via E-commerce will be set up directly with the end user (government). The contract is estimated at a value of approximately 9.3 million Euros.

The production of life jackets was already moved to Romania 5 years ago, anticipating further growth in this activity. In Romania our plant is located in Iasi where we find many trained and technical (textile) specialists. In addition, our plant in the UK (and this one in Ireland) was too limited in location and capacity where we still have expansion options in Romania. In the run-up to this tender, it was also decided to double the capacity for life jackets there through a substantial investment. The entire site is also ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 140001 (environment) certified, as well as SOLAS (a specific certification for the production of life jackets).

Sioen Apparel protects people through the performance of their professional activities against the most diverse risks from rain, wind and cold to protection against arcs, fire and bullets.

In this case we protect human lives, hence our Mullion® slogan “The sea shall not have them”.