More protection, more comfort

16 June, 2020

New standards, new innovations, new collection

We live in a world which is constantly evolving, meaning that also work environments constantly change. This change often includes exposure to new hazardous situations and new insights in existing risks which need to be taken into account when updating standards for protective clothing.

The R&D department at Sioen is also constantly looking for new innovative and protective solutions which comply to the most recent international standards for protective clothing. In this context we have improved our Siopor® Excell range by adding the ExcellArc collection. But first things first, what is Siopor® Excell?

Siopor® Excell: breathable weatherproof protection

Siopor® is a technical fabric that protects you from all weather conditions without sealing heat and moisture in. The durable water repellent outer layer makes sure that the fabric doesn’t absorb raindrops while the breathable layer moves the perspiration away from the skin to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate. The pores of the coat are a thousand times smaller than waterdrops but still larger than moisture vapour: the fabric breathes and moisture can escape. The outer fabric received a durable water and dirt/oil repellent finish, so it doesn’t get soaked and stays clean longer. On top of that, this 3-layered fabric offers an excellent protection against heat, flames and welding sparks.

ExcellArc: more protection and more comfort

Our new ExcellArc collection will be certified according to the most recent international standards. All our new Siopor® ExcellArc styles comply to the new IEC 61482-2:2018 standard for protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. During an arc blast, clothing can be exposed to flames, radiation and metal shrapnel from electrodes. It is therefore important that you are wearing the right clothes as they need to provide sufficient insulation to protect you against intense heat and the risk of second-degree burns. All our new ExcellArc styles have an ATPV value of 9.1 cal/cm². When necessary, you can increase the level of protection by wearing several layers of ARC garments.

In our ExcellArc collection we combine protection with comfort. The fabric is not only softer and more supple, but it is also light of weight (280 g/m²). What makes the garments even more comfortable and pleasant to wear is that the breathability of the fabric has been improved. Our new styles comply to the highest class (class 4) for breathability of the EN 343:2019 standard for protective clothing against the effects of precipitation.

New design features

We didn’t just improve the fabric, but also the design of the new garments. The jackets for example are equipped with an ergonomic zipper system that allows you to open and close the jacket more easily. For extra protection you can narrow the sleeves and attach a hood (Akrar, Lopra or Tigas). Next to our new Standard jackets (Fondal and Kaldvik) we have also designed a Premium range (Grindal, Torvik, Talsi and Vaski) with some extra features. These jackets have a YKK-zipper, sleeve ends which are shaped to cover more of the back of your hands and a longer back to ensure sufficient overlap between the jacket and trousers (Hovi and Ulvik).

Have a look at our ‘New Products 2020’ catalogue where you will find all our new ExcellArc garments.