New PPE EU regulation

10 October, 2018

As of April 21st 2019, the new PPE Regulation will be fully implemented. The previous one was more than 20 years old and needed to be adapted to the actual technologies, production processes and working conditions of today. It is a legal requirement for any company in the PPE industry- including both manufacturers and distributors- to comply, as the PPE Regulation is mandatory.

From April 21st 2019 onwards, existing certifications will expire and all products will have to be re-certified according to the new regulation transition. SIP Protection and Sioen, the textile group the brand is part of, have been preparing for this during this transition period. As a Professional Protective Clothing specialist and market leader, we have been keeping up to date with the changes and have been preparing ourselves for the impact on our business for more than 2 years.

This early preparation was key, because by starting to prepare for these changes in the very beginning, we have been able to handle the major impact of the new regulation on our business and by extension on yours and on that of your customers. We have had all our products tested to the latest specifications, which guarantees you to be worry free on every level: the product quality you have come to expect from us, guaranteed compliant with the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Because your safety is our major concern.

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