New product videos

16 September, 2019

Agreed we’re all watching too much of everything. But if anything is worth watching before you consider purchasing professional protective clothing, it is our short but comprehensive product videos.

Video killed the radio star

In 1979 the Buggles sang the song “video killed the radio star”, and this was probably true at the time, but it most certainly made us all wiser, Be more informed and better equipped to make purchasing decisions.

It is our strong intention to inform our customers and the wearer in the field the best way possible regarding the garments he/she is wearing at work. They are not only lifesaving (what’s more important than that?) but also contribute to our personal wellbeing through comfort and fit. Our product videos, combined with all the other product info, you’ll find on our website, gets you well informed and better equipped to make good purchasing decisions when it comes to professional protective clothing.

Explained by our experts

Who better to involve in giving the best advice and explaining the features of the garments than our own sales professionals? We’ve been filming them in our showroom, and you can find their expert explanation on our YouTube channel and on our product website.

Our sales professionals are your live consultants adding plenty of extras to the information you can find online. They inform you and, teach you all there is to know about protection, norms and regulations, comfort and fit. They are walking dictionaries, friendly, warm and welcoming. They will go through fire for you, make sure that promises are kept.

We’re glad to see that the personal interaction between our people and customers goes beyond pure business transactions. There’s real interaction, exchange of ideas that often end in life-long partnerships. They are not perfect (goes to show in this this hilarious video), but they are great!

Visit us online

On our dedicated website, each product is displayed with all its features and much more. Take the Elliston jacket for example, one of our bestsellers in our FR-AST multinorm range. You’ll find a comprehensive product description, clearly indicating to which norms the garment is compliant, the available colours and sizes, interior and exterior features (such as pockets, loops, zips), the fabrics used and the wash and care instructions.

In addition, you’ll find the garments that you can easily combine with the Elliston jacket such as matching trousers and bib & braces and you’ll find the liners that can be zipped into the jacket (we call it ILS- interchangeable Lining System). As icing on the cake, you’ll even find a product comparison tool, making your choice easier.

You can download the product data sheet and watch the product video; they are just one click away. And there’s more footage to watch if you're interested, such as: how is the garment manufactured? How is the yarn of the fabric made? How does a weaving mill look like? How we make technical textiles. Just take a look at our YouTube channel.

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