New standard roll length for Panama B6000

5 April, 2019

The well-known Sioen B6000 will in future be available in 224 linear meter rolls instead of 200LM. The current offer in 58 and 30 linear meter rolls remains unchanged.

The choice for 224 linear meters is the fruit of a close partnership with our customers and based on thorough market research. Conclusion is that this revised roll length will result in a significant benefit when manufacturing side curtains.

The production of the 224-meter rolls will start as from April 01st and will gradually become available, replacing the 200-meter rolls.

Sioen textiles for trucks and trailers

Our standard range of technical textiles for truck tarpaulins and side curtains included a vast variety of colors and widths. With more than 60 colors, the 900 g/m² B6000 panama coated fabric for side curtains is one of the best in its kind.

The Sioen organization and the fact that we master the entire value chain in-house (we call this our vertical integration) assures this high quality. It’s made of 1100 dtex Siofil multifilament polyester yarns, produced in the Sioen spinning mill, the most state-of-the-art spinning mill in Europe. We weave the panama woven fabric on one of our 300 weaving looms. The fabric is then coated in one of the groups coating plants, using coloring solutions and varnish produced by the group's chemicals division.