New version of the popular Keiu Rain Jacket

27 April, 2020

You surely already know our Keiu rain jacket. It’s waterproof, breathable and stylish.
Based on your feedback and demand, we just launched the Keiu HV jacket which complies to the EN ISO 20471 standard. That means that it officially is high visibility clothing.

After rain comes fair weather

Did you know the Keiu rain jacket was named after the Japanese word for ‘welcome rain’, referring to the first long-awaited rain after a long period of drought? Rain is necessary for nature, but most people dislike it while working outside if they have to.
Luckily, after rain comes fair weather. It’s a Japanese proverb, among others, meaning that after you go through something bad, better times will come.

While waiting for the sunny weather (during which you might wear our 697A long sleeve T-shirts😉...) you will be fully protected. Thanks to the Keiu’s breathability, you will remain dry without that overly muggy feeling inside while working during those rainy days.

Seeing is believing

First of all, especially during bad weather conditions, it’s really important to be visible. The fluorescent orange assures high visibility during the day and the retroreflective striping assures visibility at nighttime or nightfall. These 2 characteristics combined are mandatory to wear during the night or when working along a road.
However, you do not need obligations to know being seen is safer than not being seen.

Nobody said prevention had to be difficult, most of the time it’s just common sense...

What you see is what you get

As mentioned before, the Keiu has very good breathability qualities. Extra ventilation is provided through ventilation zippers. We always take care of your comfort, which is why there is a hood stored in the collar, you get an ergonomic fit and the back of your jacket is extended to prevent rain from running into the back of your trousers. Storage won’t be a problem either, as you have 1 vertical inset pocket on the chest, 2 extra inset pockets and 1 large inside pocket.
What’s more, we did not opt for full reflective striping but for fragmented striping. Fragmented striping allows better liberty of movement and allows better ventilation through the fabric.

Have a look at the new Keiu and find out for yourself how visible, comfortable and of course, waterproof the Keiu is.