Offshore or onshore: protective clothing on wind farms

9 November, 2020

Heavy industry has many hazards and demands a lot of focus and attention to detail of its workers. A lot of safety procedures are even more strict when these tasks do not take place on the ground. When working on wind farms, protection is more than a safety harness. In fact, it all starts with the right protective clothing.

When working on windmills or wind turbines, whether they are onshore or offshore, you want to be seen and you want to be protected from the wind and rain so you can focus on the task lying ahead. With this in mind our designers created the stylish Thornton rain jacket, because who said you shouldn’t look good while working!

Wind- and waterproof yet breathable

This high-visibility rain jacket is ideal for people in the wind farming industry as it protects you against all kinds of precipitation. The Siopor® protection layer of this jacket will keep you perfectly dry as the durable water repellent finish makes sure the fabric doesn’t absorb raindrops. Nevertheless, the breathability of the fabric is assured by the porous structure of the laminate. These pores are smaller than waterdrops but larger than moisture vapour thus allowing perspiration to evaporate and preventing water droplets to get through. The fabric has also a high tear and tensile strength and a good abrasion resistance, which comes in handy in rough working conditions.

When it gets colder you can zip in the Walney thanks to our handy I.L.S.-system. The inside of this laminated softshell is in a soft fleece fabric, keeping you warm on those colder days. To prevent wind entering in the sleeves, the softshell has neoprene cuffs with a thumbhole.

You can complete your outfit with the Anholt rain trousers. These trousers are designed for your comfort: you can zip the leg ends open so you can get the trousers easily over your safety shoes, the back bib, which can be removed, make sure your trousers fit well and furthermore it is possible to put knee protection in the knee pockets. The trousers are also reinforced on wear sensitive areas such as the knees and the seat.

The Thornton, Walney and Anholt form a stylish and practical collection which is ideal for the wind farming industry. Definitely check out our website for more information about these products.