Photoshoot ExcellArc collection is an undoubted success

13 November, 2020

The new styles of the Sioen PPC ExcellArc collection have been photographed with our own Sioen people. Not only because they are extremely talented, but also because we want to keep it as safe as possible during these challenging times: no external models, no make-up, people involved limited to the strict minimum, maximum distance and continuous decontamination. It was challenging but we made it!

Let’s go minimalistic

For this photoshoot in lockdown times, we went minimalistic. To keep everything coronaproof, we decided to limit the session to the bare minimum. First of all, we stayed on the Sioen premises, working only with Sioen staff. Instead of professional models, two Sioen employees did the job. Without any set directors, make-up artists and assistants. Just the photographer and the model, keeping distance and sanitising surfaces after every contact.

The new ExcellArc collection

The new ExcellArc collection offers increased protection and comfort. The Siopor® Excell fabric complies with the new IEC 61482-2/2018 standard and protects against the risks that can be caused by an electric flashover. The fabric is even lighter than previous solutions and now complies to class 4 for breathability of the new EN 343-2019 standard.

Six ExcellArc products were part of the photoshoot. The Fondal and the Grindal are rain jackets with ARC protection, while the Kaldvik and Torvik also have hi-vis properties. Different linings can be zipped in those jackets, thanks to their I.L.S. system. The Hovi waterproof hi-vis rain trousers and the Ulvik rain trousers complement the jackets, as they also provide ARC protection. The Ulvik is available in a supple navy blue colour.

ARC protection for women

We also aim to provide comfortable protective clothing for women. As we keep on innovating, we have added new styles that were especially designed to make it possible for women to work comfortably in hazardous situations. The Vaski is a hi-vis ladies rain jacket with ARC protection. The Heika, on the other hand, is a hi-vis ladies softshell with an elongated back tail. Sometimes, you might even need more protection. Well, the Oraya is a jacket that provides ARC protection as well as protection against chemical and molten metal splashes. The perfect bottom part is the Casma, a pair of trousers with ARC protection.

Our new sweaters

With the photoshoot we also wanted to highlight two new sweaters. The hi-vis one is the Corran, while the Druten is navy blue finished with a small stripe segmented reflective tape. Both protect against electric flashovers.

Our new ARC range with an extra touch of visibility

We also have a new ARC range in a new and innovating design offering increased visibility when required. The garments have, for example, several patches of hi-vis yellow and reflective material. Those patches give them a modern look. The Laruns jacket and Barcus trousers are a different blue than the other garments in this range, which makes it look trendy and young. Finally, the range also includes a shirt, a softshell and a polo shirt: the Rufford, Umiat and Telfs.