Protective clothing: a necessary line of defence

13 October, 2020

2020 is a year that will be forever in our memories as we got confronted with a pandemic the 21st century hadn’t seen yet. The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus reminds us of how important personal protective equipment is. Not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect others. As the European market leader, Sioen produces high quality and highly technical professional protective clothing. Our technical fabric Flexothane® Kleen is a perfect protective solution for this worldwide health crisis we are facing.

Protection against infective agents

In response to this health crisis, Sioen examined the compliance of its Flexothane® Kleen garments to EN 14126:2003: Performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing against infective agents. The EN 14126 standard specifies requirements and test methods for re-usable and limited use protective clothing providing protection against infective agents. These materials must protect the skin, and therefore the wearer, against possible contact with biological substances and prevent the spread of germs.
Flexothane® Kleen has specifically been tested on its resistance to penetration under pressure by viruses (ISO/FDIS 16604).

Technology combined with international standards

Flexothane® has originally been engineered to form a durable and impenetrable barrier against water and wind. The fact that Flexothane® is waterproof is very important in the fight against viruses that are spread through body moisture, saliva or nasal mucus. The polyurethane coating on the stretchable knitted base makes the fabric supple, highly tear resistant and machine washable. Moreover, the Flexothane® Kleen range is especially designed for industries that require an optimum hygiene, hence it is possible to wash these garments at 95°C. Likewise, these garments make for an ecological alternative for all the disposable garments.

Our range of Flexothane® Kleen garments all comply to the international standard EN 14605 for protective clothing against liquid chemicals.
More specifically they are labelled as Type PB [4], meaning that these offer partial body protection with spray-tight connections between different parts of the clothing. Partial body protection garments offer protection to specific parts of the body against permeation of chemical liquids, such as our Nantou apron, our Cork sleeves or our Killybeg bib and brace.

Design and comfort matter when it comes to protection

Viruses, bacteria and spores are small enough to penetrate through opening of sewn seams so welded or taped seams are recommended. All the seams of our Flexothane® garments are high frequency welded.

Flexothane® is a supple and stretchable fabric. It doesn’t restrict your movements in any way, in fact, it moves with you and thus ensures your freedom of movement.

Have a look at our website and choose the right protective clothing for you. You may need the Morgat jacket or you might prefer a longer coat like the Rigi. Or maybe our Boulogne apron does the trick for you.