Sioen Armour solutions at Indodefence

Sioen Ballistics, a fusion of the former Sioen Armour Technology and Verseidag Ballistic Protection, will be exhibiting its ballistics solutions at Indodefence in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sioen ballistics protection consists of new and innovative solutions in various wearing formats, including overt, covert, tactical vests, EOD suits and shields, slash- and stab resistant clothing, maritime safety solutions, shields and other armour applications needed to increase the safety. We value “Life Saving Design” to increase security and safety.

Our product range body armours for special forces and military purposes combines an accumulated experience in both ballistics, textiles and ergonomics. All of our products have been fully tested according to the required standards in terms of ballistic protection as well as by end users.

We design, develop, produce, sell and distribute personal protective clothing. Besides general operations garments, we also produce specific maritime safety solutions consisting of dry suits for military, maritime tactical vests and military lifejackets .

You need a strong and experienced partner in protective equipment. Our textile tradition dates from 1907, protecting people and their belongings has been a priority of the company ever since. This has been translated in our corporate slogan “protection through innovation”.

Meet our team of experts on the Indodefence booth. Their years of experience in ballistics and body armour in particular, will help you find the right protection.

  • Visit us at Indodefence at booth BP026 7 – 10 November 2018