Textile solutions at Eurosatory

6 June, 2018

Armour solutions (SIOEN BALLISTICS)

Our product range body armours for special forces and military purposes consists of overt, covert, tactical vests, EOD suits and shields, slash- and stab resistant clothing, maritime safety solutions, shields and other armour applications, was created utilising all our experience in both ballistics, textiles and ergonomics. All of our products have been fully tested according to the required standards in terms of ballistic protection as well as by end users. The feedback and detailed requirements from our customers have been the basis for the hi-tech armour products we are now promoting.


Our accumulated expertise on both fabrics and manufacturing results in the best garments for your operations. We design, develop, produce, sell and distribute personal protective clothing. Besides general operations garments, we also produce specific maritime safety solutions consisting of dry suits for military, maritime tactical vests and military lifejackets As part of Sioen Group, world market leader in technical textiles, with more than 110 years of textile experience, we can offer the best protection for any working condition. Our state-of-the-art production plants and R&D centres guarantee that all Sioen garments offer the best in comfort and performance.

Camouflage, tarpaulins, tent & shelter solutions

As a global textile solution provider, Sioen focusses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven fabrics, laid scrims, mon-wovens, coated and complexed fabric, to chemicals and finishing in house.

We take care of the design, production and sales of camouflage fabric and multi-spectral camouflage netting. Worldwide, only a few companies operate in this high-tech market that calls for extensive technical knowledge and research and development.

In addition, we produce mobile camouflage systems, individual screens, camouflage nets, discretion suits, military tarpaulins, sun screen for thermal protection, tents and shelters.

General capabilities

We daily live the corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”. Our innovation reflects in our products and the team of engineers and developers works with high tech equipment in our well-equipped labs and always in close contact with our clients. Our 360° view on all aspects of textiles is a major advantage for all our customers.

Visit Sioen stand 5B-G52 at Eurosatory. From June 11th until 15th.