Sioen at IMS International Textile Architecture Symposium

Sioen is sponsor of the IMS architectural seminar that takes place in Miami. It is the first IMS Symposium in the US and will take place from May 17 to May 19 at the prestigious School of Architecture at the University of Miami.

Architects, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, entrepreneurs and students will be submerged in the current world of tensile architecture. As one of the leading manufacturers of technical textiles for tensile architecture, Sioen will also exhibit at this event and give a lecture.

With semi-finished products such as technical textiles for car parks, sun shading, stadia and façade mesh, Sioen has established a reputation as high quality service oriented supplier to the tensile architecture industry.

The Sioen tensile architecture range consists of:

  • The Sioen Easyfluo range. This is our architectural membrane with the best cost performance ratio. As standard, the Easyfluo collection is flame retardant to avoid any dramatic fire propagation. We upgraded the performances by implementing our low wick treatment and a novel PVDF lacquer in order to increase the aesthetical performances against external conditions such as humidity and dirt soiling. From the smallest structure up the design of your dreams: the material leans itself to easy handling and can be free formed. The Easyfluo collection is characterized by its durability, lightweight and translucency. This for more than a decade.

  • The Sioen Fluomax performance range is the best option for permanent structures. The collection stands out for its long lasting and low soiling properties. Sublime translucency guarantees natural light inside. All Fluomax fabrics are low wick, flame retardant and have a novel surface treatment, PVDF topcoat. This topcoat ensures you the brilliance and luster expected from each creative structure. Its flexibility and lightness inspire architects to go beyond the boundaries of their imagination.

  • Sioen engineered a new and extremely performant range called Sioen Fluo2Max for rough climates and large and long lasting structures such as stadia. The material is designed with our latest TiO2 and PVDF technologies. It allows to offer the ultimate outdoor resistance against extreme UV conditions and at the same time maintaining absolute design flexibility.

  • The Sioen tensile architecture range includes façade mesh (or scrims). These scrims for façade cladding can be used for many reasons: building aesthetics, weather protection, direct sunlight screening, visual sheltering and even publicity. We produce standard and tailor made products, especially engineered for your custom project. Our façade scrims offer almost limitless design possibilities. They can be printed with any design, pattern or colour. Due to their low footprint impact, their durability and their low maintenance requirements, tensile façades are efficient and sustainable investments. Both for renovation and new constructions.

  • Sioen developed a revolutionary and highly translucent composite membrane for permanent tensile architecture applications, Fluoscrim. The composite membrane is not sensitive to UV radiation which maximises natural light input and allows penetration of photosynthetically active radiation.

Sioen is an internationally renowned vertically integrated textile solution provider with 110 years of experience and mastering 6 coating techniques. We are the world market leader in coated technical textiles for the tensile architecture industry, the transportation industry, automotive, sports, energy, clothing, maritime and marine industry and construction amongst others. All our products are carefully engineered in order to comply with the strictest specs required by our customers.