Sioen at the Flemish Firefighters Conference

3 October, 2018

Sioen has been developing and manufacturing protective clothing for firefighters since 1927. The textile tradition of the group is even bigger and dates back to 1907. As a producer of personal protective equipment, we want to be close to the wearer in the field. We immerse ourselves in his / her world and listen to their daily concerns, operational difficulties and to the needs and desires that live with them.

Our team of experts develops suits based on many internal and external studies and tests and always ensures the best protection. In addition, we pay special attention to weight, because by making the suits less heavy, comfort and freedom of movement are significantly improved. Breathability is also an important point of attention. After all, heat stress is a well-known and feared phenomenon. That is why it is important that the suits have good breathability. Our firefighters clothing is extremely durable. We select the right components of a suit, with excellent technical resistance and even exceeding the requirements of the standard.

During this conference you can get acquainted with our fireman's clothing and with our people. Our experts are happy to assist you. We have a solution for all people active in the fire department. Not only for operations but also for support staff and ambulance personnel, for all situations on land and on water, even for integrated ballistic protection.