Sioen Ballistics wins tender Belgian Federal Police 

3 June, 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that we have won the tender of the Belgian Federal Police for bulletproof vests and harnesses with the accompanying hard plates. Having the opportunity to protect our law enforcement officers with very comfortable, yet highly protective vests is an honour.  

The visible bulletproof vest was custom-made in the shade of blue that is worn by the Belgian Federal police force. It is available in two designs: one especially developed for men and the other for women. It complies with the new British CAST 2017 Home Office Body Armour standard. The vest provides ballistic, knife and spike protection to our law enforcement officers 

For the wearer’s comfort the vest is balanced on the user as much as possible.

Supplying its own countries’ law enforcement officers was always a dream and priority for Sioen Ballistics.