Sioen dresses French firefighters

11 July, 2016

Sioen is proud to announce that it has won the tender for the French Fire Brigade. The tender includes 4 calls of UGAP (French central buying office). This includes 25.000 firefighter jackets and trousers spread over a period of 4 years. The fire brigades of major cities such as Marseille and Paris will be kitted-out by Sioen.

Sioen Apparel develops, produces, sells and distributes high quality personal protective clothing.

The range contains garments protecting against rain, cold, flames, heat, chemicals, electric arcs, stabs, bullets as well as multinorm workwear, high visibility garments, cut resistant polo’s and t-shirts, chainsaw protection garments as life jackets and floatation suits.

Sioen Apparel is an important supplier of specialized distributors, government authorities, law enforcement and large endusers worldwide.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and continuous efforts in research and development, our exhaustive testing combined with a European production and a strong presence in France Sioen won this important tender.

In addition, Sioen manages the entire supply chain from yarn, woven fabrics, felt, coated technical fabrics, chemicals and varnishes to (semi-) finished products.
With this tender, Sioen Apparel strengthens its market leadership in high quality technical protective clothing.