Sioen garments when disaster strikes.

21 April, 2017

One of the most important advantages Sioen offers is the accumulated expertise on both fabrics and production of the protective clothes. As a world leading textile group, with more than 110 years of textile experience, we are fully integrated, producing yarns, fabrics, chemicals and the garments. Our state-of-the-art production guarantees that Sioen style garments offer the best in comfort and performance in all (outdoor) working situations.

We produce all the garments that are needed for interventions when disaster strikes, in case of fire or for other urgent interventions. From the incoming call on the 112 number (911) until the neutralization of the disaster/event/accident, Sioen dresses every interventionist appropriately.

  1. Police: Ballistic protection, tactical clothing and duty wear (including underwear, T-shirts, uniforms and rainwear);
  2. Fire fighters: The city of Paris is now one of our latest realisations;
  3. Private security : ballistic protection and duty wear
  4. Divers: drysuits, lifejackets and floatation suits for any rescue situation, including welders suit for under water wreck interventions;
  5. Civil services: rainwear including waders and high visibility clothing;
  6. Care givers: protective clothing for ngo’s such as for example red cross
  7. Ambulance personnel: general medical intervention clothing and special stab and slash protection.

All of these garments are carefully designed for and tested by the wearers in the field. For over 50 years we have been dressing people in their various working conditions. Translated into garments, this means that we have provided them with over 120 million pieces. Produced, worn and approved. That’s our strength!

Infopol/Expo 112, will be the first public appearance of Sioen and Verseidag Ballistic Protection, a company we took over end of 2016. The latter has a world quality reputation in armour products. Under the merger name Sioen Ballistics, we will provide “Life-saving design“ armour products. The extensive range includes vests, both overt and covert, tactical vests, EOD suits and shields and innovative cut-, slash- and stabresistant clothing.

Visit us in Kortrijk on the Infopol/Expo 112 fair. Booth 660. From April 25th until 27th.