Sioen hi-vis softshell jacket: A Must Have!

14 January, 2019

See and be seen, that is one of, if not the most important thing in life. Especially in your professional life, where being seen is a vital factor for safe working. How many times have we been surprised by someone who appeared out of nowhere because he or she wasn’t wearing a high-vis garment? Never let this be you, nor any of your colleagues.

Time to reflect

It is proven time and time again, that high-visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities at the workplace considerably. Whether it is on construction sites, in traffic, in industrial environments, outdoors or in warehouses. In agriculture or at sea, high visibility protective garments save lives. The contrast of the wearer against any background must be taken into account where there is less than optimal lighting.

In addition to the consideration of safety, hi-vis garments can also be used at a corporate level to identify staff and authorised personnel. A uniformity of appearance makes identification easier, fosters a team spirit and increases awareness. Being a “visible” company in all aspects of the word, helps to enhance corporate identity.

The new hi-vis softshell Malden 724Z is just one of the many high visibility garments Sioen has in its range. You’ll find full body hi-vis clothing from T-shirts to trousers, bodywarmers, fleeces and jackets.

Malden 724Z

The Malden 724Z softshell is a two-ply bonded softshell with detachable sleeves. Two-ply implies that it is very light and supple with fleece on the inside and windproof layer on the outside. All zippers, including the chest pockets and the two side pockets, are provided with conveniently-long zip pull chords. The softshell has been designed in two contrasting colours and is provided with an inner pocket and sleeve narrowing with Velcro® closure. The Malden 724Z protects you effectively against cold and wind, according to the EN 14058 norm and it complies with the EN 20471 norm regarding high visibility.

The most important thing about the Malden 724Z is that it not only makes you visible, it is also adaptable to your needs and to the varying weather conditions. You can detach the sleeves whenever you want to and even keep them safe in the large pockets of the garment. In addition, this handy softshell can be interactively zipped inside the rainwear jackets Mildura 703Z and Windsor 708Z from our SEPP range.

Sioen: The Benchmark

Sioen focuses on high quality professional protective clothing for any working environment. In its domain, Sioen is the European market leader, active in more than 80 countries, employing over 4500 persons world-wide. Sioen has built up a strong reputation in various parts of the protective apparel world: (Industry, firefighting, rescue services, police, forestry, marine, …) and leisure clothing. All these experiences combined with additional unequalled expertise in the production of technical textiles, makes Sioen a benchmark in PPE.