Sioen in full force at Techtextil

4 May, 2017

Sioen will be at Techtextil in Frankfurt on no less than 3 booths, over 200 m² and with 80 Sioen experts on average per day at our customers’ service.

Sioen is an internationally renowned vertically integrated producer of technical textiles with 110 years of experience, mastering 6 coating techniques. We are world market leader in coated technical textiles for the tensile architecture industry, the transportation industry, automotive, sports, energy, clothing, maritime and marine industry and construction amongst others. All our products are carefully engineered in order to comply with the strictest specs required by our customers.

The nature of our products:

  1. Yarns: high tenacity polyester yarns. Twisted and non-twisted. Varity dtex. Hall 4.1. stand C25
  2. Woven fabrics: technical woven fabrics in a.o. polyester, pa, pe, glass, aramid Hall 4.1. stand C25
  3. Non-woven needle felt: in any thickness made of different types of polymers such as polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, polyimide. Hall 3.1. stand G71
  4. Technical films and sheets: PVC and TPO films; embossed, textured, printed. Hall 3.1. stand G71
  5. Coated technical textiles: 6 coating techniques: any polymer on any carrier in any colour and in any width for any application. Hall 3.1. stand G71
  6. Extras: (laser)cutting, slitting, complexing, kadors Hall 3.1. stand G71
  7. Chemicals Hall 3.1 stand G61
  8. Apparel

The application of our products:

  1. Agriculture and forestry
  2. Automotive
  3. Art, photography and print
  4. Construction
  5. Energy
  6. Extreme (e.g. Military)
  7. Food
  8. Furniture and upholstery
  9. Geotextiles
  10. Industry
  11. Maritime safety, fishing, fish farming and aqua culture
  12. Medical
  13. Sports
  14. Storage and packaging
  15. Transportation

One of the most important advantages Sioen offers is the accumulated expertise of every aspect of a technical textile. As a world leading textile group, we are fully integrated, producing yarns, fabrics, chemicals and protective clothing. Our state-of-the-art production plants guarantee that Sioen products offer the best in quality and performance for all applications.

All of these technical textiles are carefully designed for and tested by the best expert companies in the field. In addition to the technical textiles division, we have been dressing people in their various working conditions for over half a century (activities of our Apparel division). Translated into garments, this means that we have provided them with over 120 million pieces. In the third division of the Sioen group, we produce fine chemicals for colouring any kind of substance. Our specialties are printing inks and extenders, pigment pastes, digital inks and varnishes.

At Techtextil, Sioen will focus on innovative technical textiles, showcasing our unique expertise. Some examples are: Sioen Babylon (integration of plants in textiles), Tensile Architecture (building with textiles), pyrolysis gas covers (Industry with textiles), truck solutions and geotextiles. At Techtextil, we will also launch our advanced product search website. This website of direct and online coated Sioen products is the first step into a solution driven all-in-one website for technical textiles, where search per application and per technical spec will be possible. The customer will always find the best textile solution in just a few simple mouse clicks.

Our booth is an exposition of our skills, our products and our vision. We want to share this with our customers on this biannual event. Customers are our major preoccupation. At Techtextil we want to honour them; thank them for the opportunities; offer them solutions to pursue growth together; and toast to the future.

Visit us in Frankfurt on the Techtextil fair.
o Hall 4.1. stand C25 and
o Hall 3.1. stand G71 and
o Hall 3.1 stand G61.
From May 9th until 12th.