Sioen is ready to boom in the Middle East

With a considerable reinforcement of our commercial team by 5 people in the Middle East the past few months, we’ve put in place a solid basis for further expansion in the region.

We are an internationally renowned vertically integrated producer of technical textiles with 110 years of experience and mastering 6 coating techniques. We are the world market leader in coated technical textiles for the tensile architecture industry, the transportation industry, automotive, sports, energy, clothing, maritime and marine industry and construction amongst others. All our products are carefully engineered in order to comply with the strictest specs required by our customers.

With semi-finished products such as technical textiles for car parks, sun shading, stadia and façade mesh, we have established a reputation as high quality service oriented supplier to the tensile architecture industry.

This year at the Big 5 Fair in Jeddah, we will be showcasing our well established tensile architecture range and introducing our brand new Fluo2max range:

  • The Sioen Easyfluo range is our eco efficient solution for architecture. As standard, the Easyfluo collection is flame retardant to avoid any dramatic fire propagation. This year we upgraded the performances by implementing our low wick treatment and a novel PVDF lacquer in order to increase the aesthetical performances against external conditions such as humidity and dirt soiling. For light comfort, the Easyfluo range is engineered to ensure a natural light feeling inside. This year, on our customer’s request, we also made a light block out quality available. For fabricators and project designers, the fabrics can be free formed to match design aspirations. Easyfluo is printable, exists in a number of standard colours, and is directly weldable. The Easyfluo range has the best price/performance results on the market.

  • The Sioen Fluomax performance range is your best option for permanent structures. The collection stands out for its long lasting and low soiling properties. sublime translucency guarantees natural light inside. All Fluomax fabrics are low wick, flame retardant and have a novel surface treatment (Sioen patented directly weldable PVDF lacquer) that ensures long-lasting performances. The Fluomax range exists from type 0 (lightest construction) up to type 5 (heavy duty and robust structures). Fluomax membranes are available in a number of colours upon request. Fluomax is the best solution for permanent structures that need to stay new and stay clean.

  • Sioen engineered a new and extremely performant range called Fluo2Max for rough climates and large and long lasting structures such as stadia. . Fluo2max uses a patented hybrid PVDF/ titanium enriched super lacquering. It allows to offer the ultimate outdoor resistance against extreme UV conditions and at the same time maintaining absolute design flexibility. This range from type 1 to type 5 is currently only available in white. The specs are ultimately controlled to meet the most stringent demands.

Although focus will be on the tensile architecture range, you can also contact us on the fair for our other products such as geotextiles, filter fabrics, scrims for roofs and many more. Our office and extensive warehouse in Dubai, makes it possible to serve you fast and easily with stock articles.

Visit us in Jeddah on the Big 5 fair, hall 2 - booth A23 from March 27nd to the 30th.