Sioen plant wins factory of the future award

Veranneman Technical Textiles, one of the companies of the Sioen Industries group specializing in technical textiles, won the prestigious Factory of the Future Award for future-oriented manufacturing companies today.

"This award is the culminating result of all the innovative efforts that we made as a in recent years company in terms of products, production and people management. This was not possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees," according to Michele Sioen, CEO Sioen Industries group.

Veranneman Technical Textiles produces open structure fabrics (also known as the scrims or mesh) with applications in roof and pool reinforcement, nonwoven filters, drywall, automotive products, stables, façade application and road construction. 17 years after the takeover, Frank Veranneman is still CEO.

Innovation and automation

We invest constantly to keep all our factories modern and up to date. As in all businesses of the Sioen group, the site of Veranneman Technical Textiles is equipped with state-of-the-art machines per production (weaving, knitting, laid scrim).

Our machines are often fully or partially own engineering. Precisely because we develop and / or modify our machines ourselves, we can focus on automation, work efficiency, quality, ergonomics and digitization. "This particular production control systems and software are implemented to avoid breakdowns, defects and waste and on the other hand thus making work more workable," said Veranneman.

People make the difference

We have an impressive machine and strive for operational excellence. We have to be the right people to accomplish this. Because it is our deepest belief that people make the difference. With and for them we do things just that little bit different. An example is the Coolbox, a communications hub in the midst of our machines.


According to the organizers of this Award, a Factory of the Future excels. At Sioen we draw it up at a strategic level, in our mission, our values and even our company slogan: 'Protection through innovation'. We are the market leader in selected sectors of technical textiles and technical protective clothing. We emphasize on the protection of people and their belongings.