Sioen PPC ranges explained

12 September, 2019

Behind every brand whether it is of garments or any other product, there is a logic. The logic behind our Sioen-PPC range is based on the circumstances or working conditions and the risks workers are exposed to. The Sioen-PPC brand has 4 distinct ranges: All weather, Hi-Vis, Multinorm and Food/Cold storage. The choice of the names of these ranges is very straightforward, saying exactly what they mean.

All weather

Our “All weather” range includes reliable working gear for outdoor work. Our extensive weatherproof range covers every season and every kind of weather.

From the skin up, you’ll find all the garments protecting you in every season and in every kind of weather. Comfortable and warm underwear, breathable T-shirts, warm fleeces and wind jackets to waterproof outer jackets. You’ll find here everything you need to adapt your wardrobe to the weather conditions all year long.

And don’t forget to always dress in layers! Multilayering is an absolute must!


Short for High visibility. Strikingly good protection. Our garments improve visibility which reduces accident rates considerably. Our hi-vis products will make you stand out in any environment, day and night.

The fluorescent colour such as hi-vis orange, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis red, catches the eye and is easily discernible during the day regardless of the lighting conditions. The reflective striping improves visibility even further especially in the dark as they catch the light from external light sources (e.g. headlights) and reflect it.

What is great about our range is that we always suggest matching combinations and jacket liners. Take for instance the Anfield jacket. We suggest the pairing trousers and fitting softshell; bomberjacket or reversible bodywarmer. This makes your choice so much easier!


Compliant to more than one norm, that’s Multinorm. In environments that are subject to multiple risks, you need high-specification garments that protect against hazards such as flames, heat, metal splashes, chemicals and risks of arc-flash.

Our multi-norm products meet the latest and most stringent norms EN 14116, 11612, 1149-5, 11611 and 13034. Many of our multi-norm products also comply with EN 20471 to offer a good visibility, day and night.

A must check is the “arc configurator”, a handy tool to determine which garments you need for which type of arc protection. A higher level of Arc protection can be obtained by wearing different arc garments together.

Cold Storage and food

Finally, the range Cold storage and food consists of garments offering reliable insulation and impeccable hygiene for the demanding food industry.

Our Flexothane Kleen fabric, produced in our coating plant in Mouscron (B), is especially designed for the food industry and for protective garments that require high temperature washing up to 95°C, which assures an optimum hygiene. Flexothane® Kleen also offers protection against liquid penetration, such as blood, body fluids and blood borne pathogens.

Sioen-PPC: European market leader in professional protective clothing

Sioen-PPC is part of the larger Sioen Apparel, the benchmark brand that includes 7 distinct individual brands, each with their own specialties: