Sioen presenting police garments in Berlin

18 February, 2019

On February 19th and 20th, we will be present at the European Police Conference in Berlin. This is an international conference for decision makers from police forces and security authorities. This conference is one of the largest in its kind for internal security in the European Union. It is the meeting place for about 1.500 experts from more than 20 countries. Representatives of police, border police, secret services as well as governments, parliaments and industries participate in the conference.

Specialist in high-tech protective clothing

At the European Police Conference, we will showcase our textile solutions destined for this technically demanding market. As a world-renowned manufacturer of professional protective garments, we are a respected participant at this conference on an annual basis.

We combine our specialties in the design and manufacture of garments with the engineering and production of technical textiles. This enables us to offer tailor-made textile and ballistics solutions to police forces and security authorities worldwide.

We offer a complete product range from head to toe and inside out for the daily and extreme working conditions police forces and security personal face. Ranging from daily intervention wear (including barracks clothing, intervention garments and battle dresses) to high protection ballistic protection (ouverts-, covert-, tactical vests, EOD shields).

Our clients value our 360° degree knowledge of textiles and garments and our cross-disciplinary approach to the market. As a long standing specialist, we can offer integrated solutions for the entire police force, including first responders, patrol units, special forces, under-cover agents, criminal investigation departments, bomb squads, underwater search, military police, motorcyclist units, … We incorporate a number of specialist brands such as Ursuit, Mullion, SIP-Protection and Sioen Ballistics under the general Sioen brand, the reference in the field of Professional Protective Clothing.

With a team of multi-disciplinary experts, we work in close collaboration with our customers and always come up with the right garments for their needs.

Proud of our references

At our stand during the conference, our specialists will be glad to tell you more about the many police forces and security agencies we’ve been equipping over the years. Some of these references are:

On our stand, we will also present our new local police vest series (Ordnungsamt) for local police and security personnel. Besides some of our ouvert-, covert-, tactical vests and ballistic shields, we will also present our slash- and stab resistant clothing, marketed under the brand name Torskin®.

Fund of skills

All our garments are carefully designed for and tested by the wearers in the field. For over 50 years we have been equipping people in their various working conditions, including the most challenging ones for firefighters, police forces and military.

We are the number one innovator in the domain of high-quality protective clothing for all these demanding working condition. We strongly invest in the research and development of new, revolutionary products and maintain impressive testing labs. Over the years, we have been building up a huge fund of skills and know-how, practicing customer centricity and living up to our corporate slogan: “Protection through Innovation”.