Sioen protection for austrian police

22 August, 2018

The contract consists of a grand total of 24.000 stab and bullet resistant vests, spread over a period of 2 years of which at least 8.000 pieces in the first year.

Sioen will equip all Austrian police officers with a bullet and stab resistant vest, including 2 tactical covers (in blue), 1 concealed vest (in white, to wear under a white shirt, without being visible) and 1 concealed vest (in blue).

All local police officers will be equipped with new stab and bullet protection vests by the end of 2020. The delivery of the first of 24.000 ballistic vests is scheduled to start soon. On Monday, the Minister of Interior Affairs, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) handed over the first sample set for customization to civil servants, said the Ministry of the Interior (BMI).

The new gilets are personally tailored and assigned to all executive staff and can be worn both as an overcoat (in the business this is called an “overt”) and concealed under the garments (this is called a “covert”). In august, 1.000 police officers are measured and production of their tailored garment can start. By October, all 4. 000 Viennese colleagues who we still want to supply this year have to be measured..

In 2018, 8.800 units will be delivered throughout Austria. Half of them will go to the Vienna Police Department since the use of stabbing weapons occurs more frequently in the capital of the country. The remaining 4.400 pieces are divided among the federal states.

In recent years, attacks with sharp knifes, punches and other punitive weapons on police have accumulated heavily, according to the Minister of Interior Affairs of Austria and the Vice President of the Police force in Vienna. The new ballistic gilets are bulletproof and additionally offer stab and puncture protection.

Sioen Ballistics has come up with the right solution for this life threatening situations. Sioen Ballistics is a brand of the Sioen Industries Group, Textile solution provider and world market leader in technical textiles and professional protective garments.

Sioen Ballistics operates in the broad field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both (off-the-shelf) standardized solutions and custom made solutions to meet the most demanding requirements by the end users. “ They are often faced with life threatening situations, either directed at themselves or towards others that they rescue, protect or guard. Safety- and security-critical environments require sufficient means to protect individuals, to help them to perform their duty and to fulfil their mission”, according to Mr. Jörg Vois, Region Manager of Sioen Ballistics in DACH region.

We have chosen to work in the highest technological and ethical way, by performing the most critical phases in creating our products in-house: design, ballistics, manufacturing and testing.

Sioen Ballistics is the result of a merger of 2 strong brands in 2017: the Finnish producer of personal body armour protection, Verseidag Ballistic Protection Oy and the Belgian Sioen Armor Technology.

One of the most important advantages Sioen Ballistics offers, is the accumulated expertise on both fabrics and manufacturing. As part of Sioen Group, a world leading textile group, with more than 110 years of textile experience, we produce protective clothing for the most extreme circumstances. Our state-of-the-art production plants and R&D centers guarantee that all Sioen Ballistics garments offer the best in comfort and performance. Our experience in both ballistics and ergonomics are key elements in the development of our products. Our entire range has been fully tested according to the required standards in terms of ballistic protection as well as by end users.

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