Sioen Safety maker at Industrial safety conference

23 January, 2020

On January 30th, we will be exhibiting at the annual industrial safety conference in the Netherlands (Jaarcongres Industriële Veiligheid).

Why we must be there

We are the most important innovator in the field of high-quality professional protective clothing. Because of our broad expertise in the production of both textiles and garments, we’re considered to be European market leader in the "industrial" clothing segment. The mainstay of the organization is the R&D department, with 220 specialists develop the best garments in close collaboration with you, customers. We invest heavily in research and development of new, revolutionary products.

We are safety makers

With decades of experience in the design and production of professional protective clothing that is submitted to stringent norms and regulations, we proud ourselves to be safety makers. Indeed, our range includes garments that protect against any work-related hazard. Throughout the years, we’ve built up a fund of skill in risk related protective garments, protecting people against flames, chemicals, flame arcs, metal splashes, rain, cold, chainsaw impact, drowning and even bullets.

Multi-norm inside-out

We dress people in any working condition from the skin to the outer layer. Our ranges include bodywear (underwear and T-shirts), workwear, thermal wear and a weatherproof outer layer. Every garment you need for your protection you find at Sioen and our affiliate brands.

All workers need appropriate protective clothing in order to safely perform activities at work. Our clothing solutions offer the best possible protection against multiple threats and significantly reduce the chances of serious injuries. We produce garments for people who work in situations where safety, comfort and protection are key. We deliver top quality with a wide range of technical apparel for any working condition.

Visit us

At the Industrial Safety Conference, we’ll talk about:

Our team of specialists will welcome you on our booth in Foyer, stand 65. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts always come up with the right solution, tailored to your needs.