Sioen supports Youca, Youth for Change and Action

Many laughing faces at Sioen headquarters and in the Sioen plant in Kerksken (Belgium) today. The textile solution provider employs young student volunteers for one day. In fact, today on October 18, more than 15.000 students commit to work for one day. The wages they earn on that day are donated to projects of committed young people in Ecuador and in Belgium.

At Sioen, supporting youth is integral part of the vision and mission of the company. Youca, Youth for Change and Action - formerly Zuiddag - is an organization for and by young people that encourages them to work together towards a sustainable and just society. This is done by making youth aware of important social issues and by supporting them in their engagement. Youca provide unique encounters with an impact on cultural, business and public life.

Sioen takes its responsibility as part of society very seriously. As a company, Sioen wants to act as a good citizen and take part in the many actions that different actors set up to make the difference. The youth is the future, therefor, they take a very special place in this commitment.

Today we support young people around the world. Whether it is in the cleanup of the oceans, the education through masterclasses, entrepreneurial internships, art projects, school assignments, interviews, on premise learning, supporting their first steps in business, social work and many more, we always listen and try to support them in any way we can.

We wholeheartedly support Youca because just like them, we believe in the power of young people worldwide. We want to empower them and give them a voice so that they become relevant social actors and policy makers. Youca offers young people the chance to develop themselves, to gain insight into themselves in relation to others and the world.

Sioen is happy to lend a helping hand to these young pioneers and help them realize the future dream together.