Partnership SSC and the Belgian Army

1 April, 2022

The SSC Consortium (Sioen, Seyntex, Crye Precision™) has been chosen to roll out the “Belgian Defense Clothing System” (B.D.C.S.) to the Belgian Army. Over the next 15 years, SSC will equip our military with new operational clothing and accessories for a total budget of 410 million euros.

Seyntex and Sioen previously worked together in the Improved Operational Soldier System (VOSS) for the Dutch Defense. This time, they entered into an alliance with Crye Precision™, which is also the main supplier of various special forces within NATO including the Belgian Special Forces.

Multilayer gear with MultiCam® camouflage

The proposed operational clothing consists of several layers (multilayer) where all garments are complementary and integrated. In this way, optimal and appropriate protection can be guaranteed for both male and female soldiers. With this new equipment, the new camouflage Multicam® is also introduced.

The 2022 basic package consists of:

During the term of the contract, the basic package will be extended with additional clothing and equipment items to the full integrated clothing system, including wool-based undergarments, rainwear, CBRN equipment (Chemical, Bacteriological, Radioactive, Nuclear), ballistic protection (load bearing vests/ helmets), backpacks, etc.

Equipment Specifics

The range also includes items of clothing specifically designed for women. In addition, a sustainable solution was chosen. Chemical finishes and membranes are avoided where possible. There is also an agreement to collect the current clothes in use, process them in an ecological way and give them a second life.

According to Colonel Geert Bouchez, “A uniform gives charisma to our military and the new BDCS clothing system contributes to this. This new look & feel, both in pattern and quality, contributes to the well-being and motivation of our personnel who have to do their job in a comfortable and protected manner in all (weather) conditions.”


Sioen Apparel, part of the vertically integrated Sioen Industries group that realizes a turnover of 630 million Euros with more than 5,000 employees, including approximately 1,000 employees in Belgium. As a rapidly growing multi-specialist, Sioen Apparel is the European market leader in operational clothing for the most diverse applications. Through extensive innovation and know-how, high-quality protective clothing is developed and produced in our own production sites. Sioen Apparel excels with various successful realizations for professional end users as well as in the military, police and fire fighters


SEYNTEX, a Belgian family company, with a long tradition of supplying combat and protective clothing (ballistics, CBRN), backpacks, sleeping systems, camouflage nets and tents. With about 600 employees, Seyntex is an integrated group from design, R&D, … to production of finished products. With a worldwide customer portfolio, the Group enjoys a leading market position in Europe.

Crye Precision™

Crye Precision (USA), is a leading manufacturer of innovative military equipment. For over 20 years, Crye Precision has provided high quality clothing, body armor, load carriage equipment and concealment solutions to users ranging from special operations to local law enforcement, both in the US and across the globe.

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