Sustainable multinorm catalogue now available

21 February, 2023

Following our ‘Sustainable high visibility clothing’ catalogue, a similar catalogue with our sustainable multinorm products is now available.

Sustainable PPE range? How?

For our new sustainable multinorm PPE products, we used the same principles as we did before for our sustainable high visibility range.

As efficient use of raw materials is the purest form of prevention, we prefer to use lighter materials, always considering the required protection level and the expected lifespan of personal protective equipment (PPE).

We use renewable and recycled raw materials, such as TencellTM Lyocell fibres and Repreve© 100 % recycled polyester fibres. TencellTM Lyocell fibres are 100% bio-cellulose from sustainably produced wood.

In addition, we design our sustainable PPE in such a way that repairs can be carried out more easily if necessary, extending the products’ lifespan. We, for example, pay attention to the materials’ high mechanical strength, good colour fastness, etc. The number of washes and drying cycles is increased and we opt for better wash-resistant finishes, among others.

Finally, by making it easier to dismantle and recycle our products, they become more sustainable.

Our five new sustainable multinorm products

Looking for a jacket with ARC protection level 1 that has the lowest possible impact on the environment? The Jasper [086V] durable jacket was made of our Sio-SafeTM Essential Eco fabric and is one of our new sustainable multinorm products.

The Calanques [084V] durable trousers perfectly fit our Jasper jacket. They provide the same level 1 ARC protection, have matching designs and are made of the same fabric.

The Komodo is the hi-vis version of our Jasper ECO jacket and matches the durable Rondane [085V] high visibility trousers.

For the Jasper, Calanques, Komodo and Rondane we use Eco-friendly TencelTM Lyocell and Repreve© 100 % recycled polyester instead of the regular cotton and polyester. These products are soft, comfortable and breathable without compromising on protection. In addition, they are designed for disassembly, meaning that they can be dismantled easily once they’re taken out of use.

Finally, the Glacier is the sustainable version of our Nash, one of our bestsellers and a reliable, very comfortable rain jacket of sublime quality. This Glacier ARC class 2 jacket is perfectly wind- and waterproof and now has the Sustainable Sioen label, meaning that we have updated its design and construction to reduce its environmental impact. Having a closer look, we reduced the weight of the used fabrics, changed the former cotton to renewable TencelTM Lyocell, modified its confection to recycle it more easily at its end of life and made it easier to repair so that the lifetime of the garment can be extended.

Sio-SafeTM Essential ECO

Sio-SafeTM Essential ECO is a high quality flame retardant treated fabric with the smallest environmental footprint possible and conforms to the highest standards for multinorm protection. Eco-friendly TencelTM Lyocell produced from responsibly-sourced wood and Repreve© 100 % recycled polyester fibres replace the regular cotton and polyester fibres, resulting in a FR-treated fabric containing almost 50 % green fibres.

A greener composition without compromising on comfort and protection. Is it even possible? Sio-SafeTM Essential Eco performs exceptionally on FR protection in an industrial setting.

The fabric is soft on the skin and is very durable withstanding frequent industrial washing. The fabric even provides improved breathability and moisture management properties thanks to the use of TencelTM Lyocell.

Sio-SafeTM Essential Eco is a blend of 50% FR cotton – 30% TencelTM Lyocell – 19% Repreve© recycled polyester – 1% AST; weight +- 320 g/m2

For more information, please consult our new ‘Sustainable multinorm protective clothing catalogue’.