Technical textiles of Sioen at IFAI

At the annual IFAI fair in the USA, Sioen will be present with its technical textiles on booth A2731, from October 16th until 18th.

IFAI, the International Fabrics Association International is a member-driven trade association representing the global industrial fabrics industry. Their tradeshows are renowned for their professionalism and for joining together the trendsetters and specialists of the textile world.

Sioen is the world’s leading innovator in the technical textiles domain and can boast more than a century of textile tradition (since 1907). We pride ourselves for having the perfect textile solution for everyone: woven and laminated fabrics, scrims, non-woven felts, specialty films and coated fabrics. Our production process includes the production of specialty high tenacity polyester yarns and fine chemicals, which makes us entirely vertically integrated. Our factories are state-of-the-art, our labs can stand comparison with the best labs in the world and our engineering bureau is at the top of their game.


Dimension-Polyant’s experience as the global market leader in sailcloth manufacturing, has allowed the company to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge to produce highly specialized, bespoke technical fabrics. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, novel solutions are created every day. Whether at the front of the fleet, or the top of Everest, Dimension-Polyant promises to deliver uncompromising quality - Innovation guaranteed.

At IFAI 2018, Dimension-Polyant will showcase:

  • X-Pac™: DP’s renowned, multilayer laminated pack fabric.
  • X-PLY® Veil : DP’s revolutionary ultra-light composite reinforcement
  • SCN – Silicone Coated Nylon: DP’s unique coated fabrics with outstanding sliding properties

Sioen- Sioline:

Sioen- Sioline is world market leader in coated technical textiles. Extraordinary product stability and flat stretched fabric with better overall flexible properties are guaranteed with the Sioen coating processes. We can apply any polymer on any carrier, with any coating technology in any color and width. This is possible because we master six coating techniques and hold the entire production value chain from yarn to finished products in our own hands.

At IFIA 2018, Sioen- Sioline will showcase:

  • Tensile architecture membranes: From type 0 up to type 5, low wick, anti-bacteria treated and flame retardant, including stretched membranes and façade mesh.
  • The largest range of the market for truck covers, rooftops and curtains.
  • Coated technical textiles for pool covers, sports mats, camping tents, rolling doors, welding curtains, biogas installations, blade protection.
  • Attractive range of technical textiles for tents, pergolas and awnings: many colors, widths and aspects (embossing).

For more information on the brands of Sioen, please visit, and
-Visit us at IFAI in Dallas, stand A2731 from October 16th until 18th.