Ticks, more than shivers down your spine

14 March, 2018

A lot has been written and said regarding the ever increasing issues directly linked to the proliferation of ticks in European woodlands and meadows.

As being outdoor people by nature, the users of our products such as loggers and tree workers are one of the first affected by bites of ticks, we thought it would be a natural consideration to inform about the possible consequences and ways to guard against potential harm these insects can cause.

Take precaution by wearing the X-Tick Gaiters:

The robust X-Tick gaiters, in CE testing procedure at time of writing, are composed of a robust tear resistant fabric containing Cellsolution® fibers. The unique properties of these gaiters provide an effective and a durable protection against insects such as ticks that carry Lyme disease. Through its unique procedure of manufacturing and thus unique properties of the Cellsolution® fibers, the tick killing properties of the permethrin inherent fiber lasts much longer but with low permethrin levels than traditional and superficially threated fabrics with permethrin. Additionally, being a textile with a OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 certificate which approves the handling by toddlers, skin irritation is minimized to a bare minimum or even totally excluded when handling the gaiters.