Welcome winter with "Grace”

10 January, 2019

Today is international “Cut your energy cost day". An ideal day to look at your wardrobe and decide on adding some stylish and warm fashionable items. Not because you like to shop, but for the greater good. Today is a symbolic global awareness day on how to reduce your energy costs. With the savings you make, you can rush to buy the Baleno faux fur scarf, snood and hairband.

Faux fur

It might come as a surprise, but faux fur (or fake fur), was first introduced on the market in the 1920s. These early attempts at imitation fur were made using hair from the alpaca. The modern fake furs as we know them today were not developed until the mid 1950s, with the introduction of acrylic polymers as replacements for alpaca hair.

The Baleno Faux fur scarf, hat and hairband are engineered to have the appearance and warmth of animal fur, without harming animals. We’ve given this collection of imitation fur names accordingly: Grace, Diaz and Vida. All referring to how we live our lives every day with grace for all living creatures.

Grace, Diaz and Vida

The sumptuous warm faux fur elasticated headband “Grace” matches with a selection of ladies Baleno jackets or can be worn as separate fashion items. It is a cosy finishing touch for all winter outfits!

The Vida is a fashionable snood, a warm accessory in wolf faux fur, protecting your neck against wind and cold.

With the Diaz faux fur scarf, equipped with a fur-clip and loop, you are always warm and stylish.

Still looking for a late Christmas present? The Duo gift set of headband and scarf is the ideal gift. By combining the warmth of the faux fur accessories of Baleno with lowering your thermostat with one degree, you for sure create some room in your budget!