X-Tick gaiters against tick bites and Lyme disease

7 April, 2023

April. Brighter days, bluer skies, rising temperatures. Nature awakening is great to see. However, this period also marks the beginning of tick season, putting the lovely weather in the shade.

Lyme disease

It’s commonly known that tick bites can cause Lyme disease when bitten by an infected tick. The bacterial infection is usually easier to treat when diagnosed early, according to the NHS. Therefore, it’s important to safely remove ticks as soon as possible. Obviously, prevention is better than cure.

Preventing tick bites

When working in forestry or arboriculture, you naturally spend a lot of time outdoors, making it hard to avoid wooded areas with high grass, where ticks can often be found. Wearing long sleeves and pants and tucking your pants into your socks helps, but it’s more efficient to wear garments with a permethrin repellent for the greatest protection.

X-Tick gaiters with Cell Solution® Protection fibers

Our X-Tick are robust gaiters that are composed of a tear resistant fabric containing Cell Solution® Protection fibers. The unique properties of these gaiters provide an effective and durable protection against insects such as ticks and mosquitos. The insect repellent permethrin is embedded in the Cell Solution® fiber core via direct spinning.

Thanks to this patented technology, only a small amount of permethrin is diffused to the surface, avoiding direct contact with high doses and keeping the product effective in the long term.

Additionally, as this textile has an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 certificate, which approves the handling by toddlers, skin irritation is minimised to a bare minimum or even totally excluded when handling the gaiters.