Trucks with 'smart' technical textiles against crime

26 March, 2018

With European support, a number of companies and knowledge centres from Belgium and the Netherlands, coordinated by Innos (the innovation network of the Belgian Vias institute) and the Dutch DITSS (Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security), are developing a high-tech total approach for detecting deviant patterns in port environments. The project is a world first and bears the name 'PASSAnT' which stands for 'PlAtform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals'.

The industrial textile company Sioen develops advanced tarpaulins that are intrusion-proof to protect truckloads. Anyone who tries to cut through the smart cloth, triggers an alarm in a central control room. A security service immediately goes on site and can call the police if necessary.

Bert Groenendaal, R & D project coordinator and tractor of the PASSAnT project at Sioen: "Sioen is the world market leader in the field of coated technical textiles for, among other things, trailers and trains. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to current problems. Megatrends in climate, energy, demography, ecology and safety, show us the way in our research and development projects. The PASSAnT project gives us the opportunity to turn our years of accumulated know-how in technical textiles into intelligent solutions.