Your accessories can make the difference

28 January, 2020

When working in environments with a high risk of explosive atmospheres, employers have the responsibility to dress their workers in flame retardant and anti-static personal protective clothing. Thus eliminating the risk for explosions caused by a spark due to static electricity. But what about the other accessories that workers take with them to their workplace? The right accessory can make a difference between life and death.


Carrying bags for example are often forgotten and can cause a potential risk. Therefore, Sioen has developed the Kirton backpack. This flame retardant, anti-static hi-vis backpack in fluorescent yellow or orange is equipped with reflective tape making sure that people are aware of your presence day and night. With its many storage features and reinforced bottom this backpack can take a hit and is your ideal tool in hazardous working environments.

A backpack does also need to be comfortable. Let’s face it, even though it may be the most practical backpack you have ever encountered, if it is not comfortable to wear, you will not use it. To increase wearing comfort the shoulder straps of the Kirton are adjustable and padded.

Belts and knee pads

Now that you have the perfect backpack to go to work, you can start thinking about other accessories you might need to enhance your safety. Have you ever thought about a flame retardant belt? You wear trousers that protect you against flames, but you just wear an ordinary belt? That is taking an unnecessary risk. Go for the ultimate protection and complete your protective clothing with our Atting flame retardant belt, because let’s face it, it is protecting a pretty important area of your body.

Another item of PPE which is often forgotten about are knee pads. Damage to the knee is often difficult to right again so especially for those who have to put a lot of pressure on their knees during work, knee protection is a vital piece of protective equipment. Our Perkam knee protection can be slid into several of our workwear trousers. A health and safety risk assessment will point out the tasks for which you better make use of kneeling pads. Because prevention is better than cure it is also advisable to have some spare knee protection at the working environment.